"In the same way, let your light shine before men, that they may see your good deeds and praise your Father in Heaven." Matthew 5:16NIV




LCC Supported World Missions


Pecos and Lynda Inchaustegui
Good News to Mexico

Pecos and Lynda have been missionaries to Mexico since 1978.  The first 22 years of ministry was spent in Discipleship /Small groups and Church planting.  For the past 10 years they have been exclusively working in a Marriage Ministry in Mexico.  They travel extensively throughout the country of Mexico, leading conferences, workshops and retreats for couples.  This ministry has allowed them to present the Gospel to many unbelievers and to teach God's plan for marriage to the hundreds of couples who attend their seminars.  Leon Christian Church has supported this missionary couple for over 25 years.  Lynda and Pecos have two grown, married sons, and five grandchildren!




 Lushington Bogle
Jamaican Evangelism

Minister to Claremont, Greirfield, Clover Hill, and Pedro River Churches.  His mission is to daily shepherd and serve those who toil in a very poor environment and to help save souls.  His wife, Rose, assists him and together they are rearing their six children, Mark (now married), Erwin, Suzzette, Opal, Omar, Adrian, and one niece, Keneisha.




Rod and Ann Anderson
Servants of Christ  

Missionaries to Araguaina, Brazil, teaching the Word and committed to restoring Biblical Christianity. Rod and Ann have four children: Eliot, Cynthia, Jeremy, and Rebecca. Ann's parents are Monte and Donna Shepherd of Rose Hill.  The focus of their ministry is: Evangelism, Train Leaders, Help Christian Mature, Provide Teaching Material, Start New Congregations.


Eldon and Sue Potts
Taking Christ to the Nations

A ministry dedicated to furthering the Gospel, both in the U.S. and around the world through preaching of the Word and the Word presented in song.  Eldon and Sue travel from coast to coast doing Gospel concerts, preaching, Faith Promise Rallies, revivals and providing video for VBS programs.  C.T.N. overseas ministry is focused in the Philippines with help given to the National preachers and helping with the Cagayan Valley Children's Home.  An annual seminar is held where a large team of American leaders are taken to help lead, teach and work there.  Lynn Ragsdale and Dale Hun, Associate Evangelists assist in the Philippines seminar.




Dan and Diane Hintz
Wycliffe Bible Translators

Translating the Scriptures into two more Quechua languages.

Dan and Diane began their work with Wycliffe in Peru in 1986. They finished the translation of the New Testament into South Conchucos Quechua in 2001. They are now working in two more languages spoken in central Peru â Corongo Quechua and Sihuas Quechua. The team of native Quechua speakers they have been training and supervising is well into the translation of the gospel of Luke, has produced three easy-reading books in each language, and is teaching reading in the public schools.  The children love to sing praises in their own language, Quechua! In addition to translation work with native Andean people, Dan and Diane serve as linguistic consultants for Wycliffe colleagues and represent the organization at international conferences




 LCC Supported Local Missions


Cookson Hills Christian Ministries
Christian Homes and School for Children

Cookson Hills is located in Northeastern Oklahoma on 1000 acres.  The family units are composed of a married couple, their children and placed children.  Eighteen cottages with three to seven bedrooms are currently available for child-care.  On campus vocational training is available in grades 7-12.  A K-12 Christian school is provided on campus with state certified teachers.  Over 75 staff members faithfully serving.



Prairie View Christian Camp
Arkansas City, Kansas, USA

A summer camp for children and a Retreat and Conference Center.  The mission of Prairie View Christian Camp is to provide setting and program whereby youth and adults are influenced by the message of Jesus Christ toward life changing decisions.  Our purpose is to provide a setting by which you can "Come away by yourselves to a quiet place and rest awhile", as Jesus said in Mark 6:31.




Union Rescue Mission
Wichita, Kansas, USA 

The Union Rescue Mission is located at 2800 N. Hillside in Wichita, Kansas, USA.  They are an evangelical Christian ministry committed to sharing the gospel and meeting the spiritual, physical, and emotional needs of the homeless and poor in our community.  The Word is presented before meals; and Spiritual guidance is available.                              



Central Kansas Prison Ministry 
El Dorado, Kansas, USA


Ministry program. One of the purposes of this corporation shall be to establish, develop and implement a ministry to spread the gospel of Jesus Christ within various correctional institutions and detention facilities. Other purposes of this corporation shall be to provide charitable, religious and educational assistance to persons associated with the criminal justice system, including correctional employees, inmates, parolees and probationers and their families and relatives. This corporation will also consider needs of the offended as well as those of the offender in the correctional institution.  Assist the Kansas Department of Corrections in purchasing necessary equipment and/or construction of necessary facilities for the purpose of conducting classroom settings, worship services, and religious studies.




 LCC Supported Colleges


Manhattan Christian College
Manhattan, Kansas, USA

Standing Faithful Since 1927

Mission: To educate, equip and enrich Christian leaders.  Vision: Every student and graduate will be prepared and motivated to penetrate the world with the Gospel of Christ, regardless of chosen profession.  History: Established in 1927, is a four-year accredited institution of higher education, committed to traditional Christian values of integrity, character development and service for betterment of mankind.  Located intentionally adjacent to K-State University to benefit students of both institutions.




Ozark Christian College
Joplin, Missouri, USA

Teaching the World of Christ in the Spirit of Christ.  For over Fifty-seven years OCC has focused on one thing and doing it well: training men and women for Christian service. Equipping students to have a missionary heart, a Biblically-informed mind, a Holy Spirit-inspired conscience and service-oriented hands. Counseling students as they make their decisions about lifelong service to God's Kingdom. Enhancing educational and spiritual development  in a pleasing environment.